"Mt. Fuji" by Nahiko Katori (1723-1782), one of Itabashi Art Museum's collection in Tokyo

+++Tour Guide+++


<Annual Events outside Tokyo>

*February           Sominsai (Oshu, Iwate)

*April                   Hidaka Hibuse Matsuri (Oshu, Iwate on April 28 and 29, 2016)

*September       Imoni# (Yamagata on September 17, 2017)

*November        Yuru Chara Grand Prix (Hanazono, Osaka on Nov. 17 & 18, 2018 )

*Seasonal fruit picking


#In a book about local branding, Mr. Kundo Koyama, whose brainchild is Kumamon, said, "Some places have famous sightseeing spots, but others don't.  The latter should take measures for attracting people out of the context of tourism without funding for a special program.  Instead of spending 5 million yen on the design of an irrelevant symbol, for exmple, it is much better to spend budgets on an enjoyable event or the improvement in everyday life for local residents:  purchasing meat for 5 million yen to hold a big yakiniku (grilled meat) party for all residents.  Such a local event has a potential to attract tourists before they know like Yamagata's Imoni in which people enjoy tasting taro potatoes and meat simmered in a spectacularly huge pot."  The webmaster totally agrees to his remark and would like to introduce this sort of events.  In 2018, thereafter, Imoni Festival in Yamagata was recognized by Guiness World Records as the world's largest number of bowls of soup to be dished out in 8 hours.  (See "Behemoth pot serves Yamagata country soup to thousands".)


<In & Around Tokyo>

*Standard sight seeing spots such as Asakusa, Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace and so on.

*Walking tours in suburban areas such as Kichijoji, Futako-Tamagawa and so on.

*Visiting campuses of prestigious universities.

*Visiting traditional handicraft centers.

  At several centers, you may have a practice in making your work.

  cloth dyeing, articles of tortoise shell, wood block printing, faceted glassware, lanterns,

  Edo embroidery, cloissone work, dolls, edge tools, body armors, brushes and so on


 Others on your requests


Plans can be customized on your request, including meeting or sending at an airport, a railway station or a hotel.



+++Bonus Services +++

*Practical Japanese Lesson

The webmaster successfully passed the Japanese Language Teaching

  Competency Test authorized by The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign

  Language and administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.   If you

  want to learn Japanese, she is willing to teach you.

*Advice on a plan to stay in a hot spring resort

  The webmaster completed the course for hot spring bathing instructors designated by Ministry of  Health, Labour and Welfare and  in Japan. 


Guiding Fees

Number of Guests

Guiding Fee for 4 Hours

(per group)

Guiding Fee for 8 Hours

(per group)

 1 -   4 persons  15,000 JPY 25,000 JPY
 5 - 10 persons 20,000 JPY 30,000 JPY


*Public transportation fare, accommodation rate, meals and admission fees for  a  guide
  are added to the fees indicated in the above table.
*The above price list is only a rough suggestion.
*Fees are negotiable on your request.