Dosojin, Traveler's Guardian God

"Mt. Fuji" by Nahiko Katori (1723-1782), one of Itabashi Art Museum's collection in Tokyo

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Dosojin is a traveler's guardian god.  Many stone statues have been enshrined on roadsides throughout Japan since ancient days in order to wish for safe travel.

One of the greatest haiku poet, Matsuo Basho, started his travel around the Tohoku district, the northern part of Japan, in the 17th century, beckoned by the guardian spirits of the road (Dosojin).  During this travel, he wrote a very famous travelogue, "Okuno-hoso-michi" ("The Narrow Road to Oku").


Would you like to travel in Japan, beckoned by Dosojin like Matsuo Basho?

This website  introduces not only standard sightseeing spots but also less beaten tracks which are likely to require a tour guide, expecting that you will have opportunities to share nice experiences with local people.


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